With more than 50 years’ experience of providing pre-fabricated drainage systems we will save you time and money by reducing components, joints and bracket-work – not to mention savings in installation times.

Call us to learn more and find out how our dedicated engineering design team can streamline your next project.

Konaflex pipework fabrication

Konaflex benefits

Reduced installation times
Reduced potential leaks
Modular installation
Bespoke fabrications
Robust steel construction
Non-combustible steelwork
Confined space/restrictions
Reduced components and joints
Ideal for over sensitive areas
Bespoke pipe support systems
Long life span
Recyclable materials (steel)
Konaflex pipework

Products and services

Konaflex pipework
Konaflex pipework
Galvanised mild steel and stainless systems
Large bore interceptor traps
WC manifolds
Multiple branch manifolds
Large bore drainage
Drainage interceptor chambers
Bespoke fabrications
Couplings for connections
Pipework support systems
Dry and wet risers and falling mains
Pipe to cast in slab
Rainwater foul and waste pipe 50-600mm
Pumped and pressure pipework
Services pipework
Circular and square rainwater pipework
Rainwater hoppers
Under slung pipework systems
Void pipework (without joints)

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Specialist pipework services

Specialist pipework services

Industry services

Industry services



Additional information (if known)

Please give an indication of required tank capacity
Is your tank installation to be located indoors or outdoors?
Please provide foundation type/information, if known
Please provide accessibility distances around the proposed tank location

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